NM BG 31 RS is a two-component, solvent free epoxy resin developed for rust protection of steel reinforcement. Concrete may be applied directly on the still wet epoxy resin.
It is also possible to apply concrete, without lack of adhesion when the epoxy resin is cured.

NM BG 31

NM BG 31 is a solvent free epoxy resin with fillers.
NM BG 31 is used as a glue to get adhesion between green and old concrete.
The adhesion between the concrete layers will be approximately twice the tensile strength of the concrete.
The concrete is casted into the wet glue within the open time.

NM Lim 250

NM Lim 250 is an epoxy based solvent free epoxy adhesive.
NM Lim 250 has a very good adhesion to most materials, even to teak.
Substrates that are going to be glued have to be completely clean from oil, dust and chemicals.
Glued details does only have to be fixed, it is not necessary with any pressure.