Nils Malmgren AB is a family-owned company and has its manufacturing and product development in Ytterby. All products in our catalogue are designed by our laboratory, many times to meet the customers own specifications and requirements.

Our expertise in the epoxy area dates back to 1960, when the first products based on epoxy resin with curing agent was produced in the company Albert Malmgren & Co. AB. During our first year, Nils manufactured 8 kg for one customer.

1967, the activity around epoxy has become so large that Nils Malmgren AB was founded with a focus on epoxy-based products. The use of epoxy was at that time not especially large for construction, so Nils Malmgren AB manufactured also paints and UV varnishes.

1968 we moved to the plant in Ytterby.

1972 the classic NM Golv 50 was invented. First version, called NM Golv 60 W, but then got its own number. Variants was NM Golv 50 Tar, NM Golv 50 Friction and NM Golv 50 Super.

1982 was Nils Malmgren AB first out to develop a one-component adhesive that really worked for the bonding of automotive parts. Several larger companies saw themselves being overtaken by the small company in Sweden. Now we also stop producing paints.

1989 manufacturing of the Nylon-range ends. Nils Malmgren AB produces an adhesive for the bridge strengthening with glued steel plates in cooperation with Luleå University of Technology. This is later traded as BPE.

Platta_ISO90011990 Nils Malmgren AB was quality certified according to ISO 9000, as the 12th company in Sweden. In the same year we launched NM Lamination 020, the forerunner of NM Lamination 275 A Throughout the 90s, we delivered a large amount of NM Fuktspärr FS 023 to Ericsson in Borås.

1992 Nils Malmgren AB presented a paper coating free from monomers.

1995 Manufacturing of the NM UV-Lack M35 ends. The market was not ready for monomer-free solutions.

1996 Now we supply materials for bridge strengthening with carbon fibre.

2005 Delivers Nils Malmgren AB flooring material to the world’s largest paper machine. The same year, the bridge at Svinesund was isolated with epoxy by Nils Malmgren AB.

2007 gave the County Board Nils Malmgren AB permits to manufacture 1000 tons of epoxy products per year.

2010 we have had the quality certification by ISO 9000 for 20 years.

2011 breddar vi paletten lite och introducerar NM Golv 20, en enkomponent akrylfärg. Vattenburen. NM Golv 20 följs av flera varianter, bland annat NM Lack 200.

2015 släpper vi en golvbeläggning som i princip håller noll i ämnen som kan avdunsta från beläggningen. Produkten är ett led i Nils Malmgren AB tänk om optimering. Det är produkten som skall fungera bäst, inte blandningsförhållandet.

2015 we release a floor coating that basically has zero evaporating. The product is part of Nils Malmgren AB’s think about optimization. It is the product that should work best, not the mixing ratio.

2017 we celebrated 50 years!

2018 began with an upgrade to ISO 9001: 2015 without remarks.

2020 begins the Corona Pandemic. This, together with some other unfortunate circumstances, makes it difficult to obtain raw materials. Our laboratory has to work extra hard. We have also developed an alternative to foam, NM Gjutmassa 985.

2022 the war in Ukraine will not improve the world situation regarding raw materials. However, Nils Malmgren AB has increased its production volume.

Since the beginning in 1967, Nils Malmgren AB has been represented in many countries outside the Nordic region. India, China, USA, Germany and England to name a few.