Wall coatings

Wall coatings

NM 70 Express

NM 70 Express is a two-part, water dispersible, high molecular weight epoxy coating. This mean that NM 70 Express is not to be considered as harmful.

The advantage with NM 70 Express is the long potlife and short drying time which means that a very large area can be treated without any lack of time. Walls can normally be taken in use after 24 hours.
NM 70 Express is not a diffusion barrier and can be laid on wet surfaces.

NM Vägg 2000

NM Vägg 2000 is a solvent free two-component epoxy resin wall coating, specially designed for coating of walls, skirting s and suchlike. The joint free surface is tight and free of pores, which makes it easy to keep clean.

NM Vägg 2000 is most suitable in places were the demands for hygiene are particular high, i.e. food industry, laboratories, medical industry and hospitals.
Other fields of applications are animal holding areas, wet areas and wash-rooms. As the chemical resistance is very high, this product will also be
very suitable in industries with an aggressive environment.