General information on NM’s data specifications

The respective products’ technical data are based on the following:

  • Mixing ratios are specified in parts by weight.
  • The data indicates approximate values, attained for each product with appropriate conditioning times and temperatures.
  • Viscosity is measured at +25°C; other values at +20°C if not otherwise indicated.
  • Chemical resistance measured by completely immersed sample in the respective fluids at 20°C

In regards to shelf life, normally stored products shall be used within one year. Epoxy resins can crystallise even at normal temperatures and must then be heated to about +50°C prior before use.

Epoxy products that are exposed to UV light will yellow, more or less. Colour changes may occur.

We retain the right to alter both products and data.

We cannot take responsibility for application areas of which we are not knowledgeable.
The user shall assess the products for his or her particular field of application; we only guarantee the material properties.

Please feel free to contact us so that we can help in resolving any problems you may encounter.


Since our standard colours are older than most others like the NCS®©-system, the translation is only approximate.

NM colour 14
NCS 3010 G90Y
RAL 7031
NM colour 15
NCS 4030 G30Y
RAL 6011
NM colour 16
NCS 6030 G30Y
RAL 6002
NM colour 17
NCS 3502 B
RAL 7004
NM colour 18
NCS 4502 B
RAL 7037
NM colour 19
NCS 5040 Y80R
RAL 3009
NM colour 20
NCS 2050 Y20R
RAL 1024
NM colour 37
NCS 1040 B10G
NM colour 24
NM colour 27


coloursThanks to expanded laboratory resources, we can now produce virtually any colour with relatively short delivery time. After we receive information about wanted color from a colour map or obtain a colour sample, we can say how close we are to your request, any additional costs and delivery time.
We have today more than 400 different colours recipes, which are properly tested.

In addition to our range shown by the data sheets, we also manufacture a lot of tailor made products.

Please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you to solve your problem.