NM Grundering BP 50 Super

An epoxy based water dispersible primer for concrete.
The long-time properties for NM Grundering BP 50 Super are well known. The product has been on the market since 1971.

NM Grundering BP 50 Super is not a diffusion barrier, which means that concrete with very high moisture levels can be coated without risk for bad adhesion.
Has an extremely high adhesion to ceramic and concrete surfaces under wet conditions.
«Technical Datasheet»

NM Grundering 560

A solvent free epoxy based primer for concrete, tiles and bitumen.
The adhesion to concrete and tiles is absolute, even under hard conditions as moisture and low temperature.
Absolute adhesion means cohesion failure in the substrate.
NM Grundering 560 can be applied to concrete with a RH up to 100%.
Further treatment shall be done as soon as possible and always within seven days.
«Technical Datasheet»

NM Lim 623

Two-component solvent-free epoxy adhesive, specially developed for gluing and priming stainless steel.
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NM Stålprimer 270

An epoxy based iron oxide primer containing solvent. NM Stålprimer 270 is specially designed to give as good adhesion to steel as possible. In qualified rust-proof treatment, it is very important that the primer has a good adhesion to the substrate. A newly shot-blasted steel area is usually a good surface, but already after a couple of minutes the iron is affected by moisture and air pollutions. NM 270 Steel Primer is specially made for best adhesion to steel and aluminium.
«Technical Datasheet»