NM Spackel 205

A solvent free, two-component epoxy putty, and gap filling mortar. The putty is liquid from the beginning, but after mixing with the hardener it becomes very thixotropic.

NM Spackel 205 has no tendency to run and is easily applied by palette knife or trowel to horizontal and vertical surfaces, including ceiling areas.
The adhesion to other substrates is very good with exception for non-rigid plastics.
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NM Spackel 206 Lätt

A two part, solvent free, epoxy putty. Specially formulated as an easily trowelled repair compound for levelling out imperfections in floor and wall surfaces. This lightweight epoxy putty contains micro balloons which gives a low density, and easy to grind.

The surface feels smooth after it has been ground, but in enlargement it looks like a nice shot-blasted surface. This is because of the micro balloons in the layer, which opens up when they are ground.
The following layer gets a very good adhesion to NM Spackel 206 Lätt because of the structure of the grounded surface.

NM Spackel 210

blandad_210oblandad_210A two part epoxy putty which can be used both as a filler and as filling glues. Fillings of up to 20 mm can be made on vertical surfaces without risk of sagging. NM Spackel 210 attaches to most surfaces, except for some soft plastics. When bonding to wood, polyester and concrete have in all cases been crime in these during the tensile tests. NM Spackel 210 is very easy to apply and is used for repairs in both the industry and hobby.

NM Spackel Elastic 705 (also TFL)

An elastic, two-part, solvent free epoxy-putty, with a very good elasticity, even at temperatures down to -30°C.
The adhesion is very good to most substrates.
NM Spackel 705 Elastic is a thixotropic putty, and will therefore not run on vertical surfaces.
«Technical Datasheet»

NM Spackel Elastic 705 Flex

An elastic two-part solvent free epoxy resin with a considerable lower viscosity than NM Spackel 705 Elastic.
This will make spreading easier on large areas.
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