NM BG 31

A solvent free epoxy adhesive with fillers, designed to be used as a glue to get adhesion between green and old concrete.
The adhesion between the concrete layers will be approximately twice the tensile strength of the concrete.
The concrete is casted into the wet glue within the open time.

NM Lim 250

A solvent-free epoxy adhesive that can be used for the most varied materials, such as wood, metal, porcelain, glass, stone, concrete, etc. The adhesion is generally very good for most materials, including teak.

NM Lim 250 is waterproof and does not discolour.
«Technical Datasheet»

NM Lim 623

Two-component solvent-free epoxy adhesive, specially developed for gluing and priming stainless steel.
«Technical Datasheet»