NM Klarlack 023

A two-part solvent free epoxy lacquer with high resistance against fresh and salt-water.
Contains no substances that can migrate to the water. Those benefits together with abrasive resistance makes NM Klarlack 023 good for aquariums, fish farm ponds, seal tanks, delphiniums etc.
«Technical Datasheet»

NM Lack 415

A two-part solvent free epoxy coating with extremely low tendency to get yellow.
Designed for surface coating of decorative flaked floors and floors made of epoxy bonded coloured aggregates where the floor can be exposed to direct sunlight. Has a very scratch-resistant surface.
Good surface wetting and will not show any tendencies to fisheyes. Water does not leave any spots on NM Lack 415 that have cured for 24 hours in 20°C.
«Technical Datasheet»