We also have a series of one-component products for floors, see www.paintap.se for more information. Only in Swedish.

NM Betong E600

A solvent-free epoxy resin flooring material used to provide high strength, thin-bed wearing courses to trucking lanes, loading bays, dock roads, airport freight areas and heavy duty floorings situations generally, including nosing’s. It may also be used for filling pot-holes on heavy duty floors and roadways.

NM Betong E600 does not shrink, and is of high compressive strength. It is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, and is imperious to water when correctly applied.

NM Epoxi Klar 948

A low viscosity resin that together with NM Hardener 957 is used as an levelling- and repair mortar for concrete.
NM Epoxi Klar 948 can also be used as laminating resin for glass fibre.

NM Golv 40 – NM Härdare 400 / NM Härdare 560 B

A solvent free epoxy topcoat designed for decorative heavy duty floors build up of NM Golv 400 Elit.
Has been developed to give optimal wetting to the substrate and gives a one coloured surface free of pores.
NM Golv 40 fulfils all demands as topcoat according to free of pores, sealing and cleanability.

NM Golv 40 with NM Härdare 560B is not a diffusion barrier.


nmgolv50_1NM Golv 50 Super

A water-emulsified epoxy paint which is intended for use on surfaces that are also loaded in wet and difficult conditions. The adhesion is extremely high to concrete and ceramic materials.
The long-term properties are well documented.
The product has been marketed since 1971 and is on millions of square meters. Approved according to EN 13813.

NM Golv 50 Super is not a diffusion barrier, and can be used on floors where moisture can occur.
«Technical Datasheet»

NM Golv 80

A thin-layer coating intended for heavy pedestrian traffic and light rubber wheel traffic. Provides a smooth, dense and very durable surface with good flexibility. Approved according to EN 13813
«Technical Datasheet»

NM Golv 100 LE

A self-leveling, low TVOC, solvent free, coloured epoxy floor coating.
NM Golv 100 LE, as cured, emits in principle nothing to the air and can be used where the demands are a low TVOC.
Approves to M1.
«Technical Datasheet»


nm100up_3NM Golv 100

A self-levelling, solvent free, coloured epoxy system, containing quartz sand in carefully selected size. The sand does not
settle during cure. That gives excellent properties through the coating, both mechanically and thermally.
NM Golv 100 is applicated with a trowel or NM Elite Applicator in layers about 3-5 mm.

NM Golv 100 provides a heavy duty, joint less, tough and abrasion resistant surface, free of pores. The chemical resistance is very high for a wide range of chemicals. For a non-slip surface, NM Non-Slip 035 may be cast on to the surface prior to initial set of the resin.
«Technical Datasheet»

NM Golv 400 Elit

An epoxy resin system for decorative heavy duty floors. It consists of resin, hardener and a special filler. The three components forms a self levelling slurry. The slurry should be applied with NM Elite Applicator or with a levelling rake.

When the slurry is applied it should be sprinkled with coloured or natural sand to full saturation. On the following day the surplus aggregate should be removed, and the surface should then be sealed with NM Golv 400 Elit without addition of NM400 Filler.
«Technical Datasheet»

NM Golv 3000 ESD

A self-levelling semi-conductive floor screed, based on solvent-free epoxy.

NM Golv 3000 ESD gives a smooth screed, free from pores, with a very high abrasion resistance and resistance towards chemicals.
Application is done with a scraper with mounted distances or NM Elite Applicator.