Laminating resins

Laminating resins

NM Infusion 664

NM Infusion 664 is an extremely low viscosity epoxy system, suitable for all kind of infusion processes.
The system is based on the latest development within the epoxy technology, which means that the low viscosity can be combined with a high Tg (glass transition temperature) even at room temperature curing.
Wetting and adhesive properties are very good to all kind of fibres.
NM Infusion 664 has a low reactivity and the viscosity increases very slowly during the infusion process.
Large and complex structures can be infused without problems.
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NM Infusion 693

NM Infusion 693 is intended to be used for injection mould where requiring a high heat resistance.
NM Infusion 693 cures without brittleness at room temperature, which means that the de-moulding can take place as soon as the Tg is above room temperature. Post curing will be done by ramping the curing temperature. Can reach Tg above 200°C.
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NM Laminering 275

NM Laminering 275 A is a low viscosity epoxy resin for roomtemperature curing. NM Laminering 275 A is specially developed for hand-lay-up applications and posses good wetting and adhesion to glass-, carbon-, polyester- and aramide fibres. Long potlife and low exotherm. Can also be used as an adhesive. The adhesive is superior to most substrates.
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NM Laminering 380

NM Laminering 380 is a very low viscosity epoxy resin specially designed for good wetting and adhesion to glass-, carbon-, polyester- and aramide fibres.
Shall gel at room temperature or just above. Full cure at 60°C, 24 hours. The low viscosity makes it suitable for injection.
«Technical Datasheet»

NM Laminering 625

An optimized epoxy for hand laminating with high Tg, and very high strength. The low viscosity means that all the fibres are wetted quickly.
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NM Laminering 650

NM Laminering 650 is an optimised epoxy system with high Tg and very high strength values. The low viscosity entails that all types of fibres can be quickly wet.
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NM Laminering 3070

NM Laminering 3070 / H2962 is designed to be used when there are high demands of heat-resistance.