Lim 250NM Lim 250

NM Lim 250 is an epoxy based solvent free epoxy adhesive.
NM Lim 250 has a very good adhesion to most materials, even to teak.
Glued details does only have to be fixed, it is not necessary with any pressure.
«Technical Datasheet»

NM Lim 386

NM Lim 386 with NM Hardener 385 is a two part solvent free epoxy.
The mixing ratio between resin and hardener is 1-1 by volume, which eases an automatic dosage and mixing. NM Lim 386 cures at room temperature, but the curing time will shorten by increasing the
temperature. NM Lim 386 is tixotropic and sag resistant up to 5 mm layers at +90°C.
«Technical Datasheet»

NM Lim 893

NM Lim 893 is a flexible heat-cured one component epoxy adhesive with very high strength values.
NM Lim 893 has a very good surface wetting which guarantee a good adhesion to most substrates.
The cure-reaction is activated at approximately 150°C, and that’s therefore the minimum curing temperature.
Temperatures above 180°C should be avoided.
«Technical Datasheet»