Welcome to Nils Malmgren AB

Nils Malmgren AB is located since 1967 in Ytterby just outside Kungälv on the west coast of Sweden. We have a wide spectra of epoxy products for most applications.

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Quality has always been our motto. Already in 1990 Nils Malmgren AB was certified (Certificate No. 12) as the first manufacturer of products based on epoxy resin and its hardener systems.

Today, we are quality certified according to ISO 9001. That means everything from purchasing to sales are controlled and documented procedures.

Our range

We have a wide range of epoxy products. For construction and civil engineering, we can offer systems for flooring, walls, tanks, silos, road and bridges, bonding and filling.

For industrial and laminating, we can offer products for bonding, laminating, Filament Winding, gelcoat and casting resins.

We also have epoxy for the marine sector. Those have been gathered on their own website, please visit www.batepoxi.se.

Why so many products?

carparkIt is important that epoxy products are optimised with regard to the area they are to be used in. In addition to the products on our website we also have a wide range of tailor-made products. This is to meet the needs and demands of all of our costumers.

To be able to accomplish what has been said above significant laboratory resources are needed, both of the technical kind and as competent personal. This is something Nils Malmgren AB has and it is this that makes our epoxy systems unique and well known.

In principal there are no equivalent products and it is therefore wrong to replace a product from Nils Malmgren AB with something else.

40elayOur competent personal is happy to help with problems you might have.

We are also happy to be of service with further information, such as costs, alternative solutions and names on suitable contractors.