Welcome to Nils Malmgren AB

The company was started in 1967 and is one of Swedens oldest manufacturers of epoxy products.

We are happy to be of service with information, costs, alternatives, etc. and names of suitable contractors in Sweden. If you have or should there be any problems, our knowledgeable staff will of course be at your disposal.

If you are looking for epoxy for the marine sector, we have collected this under a separate Swedish website. You can find it at www.batepoxi.se.

As a private person who wants to buy epoxy products, you are always welcome to us or one of our retailers. As a Swedish citizen you are also welcome 24/7 to the Epoxibutiken.se. There you can easily order and have the material sent home.

Paint AP is the name of a series of unique waterborne paints and varnishes from Nils Malmgren AB, also CE-marked. Read more on the Swedish website www.paintAP.se.

Supporting you over generations

About Nils Malmgren AB Nils Malmgren ABNils Malmgren AB

We are certified according to ISO 9001. This means that everything from purchasing to sales takes place under controlled and documented routines. Quality has always been our motto. As early as 1990, Nils Malmgren AB was certified according to ISO 9000 (certificate no. 12) as the first manufacturer of products based on epoxy resin with associated hardener systems.


Nils Malmgren AB’s business is to provide the market with epoxy products, suited for the customers needs and demands.


Nils Malmgren AB is a family-owned company and has its manufacturing and product development in Ytterby.

Laboratory resources

In order to be able to provide the market with useful and reliable epoxy products, a good laboratory is required.


We care about you, therefore, we collect information about you responsibly and with regard to your integrity.

Quality policy

It is Nils Malmgrens AB's policy to only provide epoxy products and advice thereon that complies with customers' expectations, needs, agreed specifications and applicable regulations.

Flexibility is the key to the answer