Over the years, we have had the opportunity to build a solid knowledge base about epoxy, and its application possibilities. We have learned the possibilities and discovered the pitfalls. This knowledge is a safe foundation when we help you solve your problems.

When you contact us, we first try to match your requirements to any of our products that we already have on the shelf. In most cases, this is possible, but when it’s not, we can offer to develop a product for you

How does it work?

Developing a new product requires first and foremost a market. Either we see that there is a hole in our range or you, a customer, initiate a development.

To limit the project, it is first necessary to set the frames. What has the new product to achieve? What is it about the existing ones that is not enough? Here it is important to find all the parameters, because even though epoxy can do a lot, there are some areas where it does not work so well.

In this first step, it is not only the technical and physical information that is important, but also the pricing and perhaps also the packaging. Simply be able to see the entire product on the shelf before it is available.


Now our laboratory starts working. All to find where we can meet the requirements but also where it does not go all the way. It is the latter information that is most important, because it is the one that the customer, or we, must decide whether it can be accepted or not. There are no problems with the requirements that meet the specifications.

Together with a the customer, we develop a product that can be used in the desired way and can be produced by us. With the formulation in hand, we can bow go on with pricing and with the desired packaging.

Throughout the process, data needed for the product is collected, which will later be presented in a technical data sheet (TDS).


När allt är klart så finns en produkt i önskad förpackning, tekniska datablad samt säkerhetsdatablad (SDB).  Oavsett om produkten tas fram för att fylla ett hål i vår palett eller speciellt för kund, tar vi hand om allt bakgrundsarbete med anmälning till Kemikalieinspektionens register och EU’s databaser.

When everything is ready, there is a product in the desired packaging, technical data sheets and safety data sheets (SDS). Regardless of whether the product is developed for inhouse or tailor made for a customer, we take care of all background work with notification to the Swedish Chemicals Agency’s register and EU databases.


It does not end there. Via customer or own tests, data for the product is constantly updated. In the field, we receive information over a long period of time and make sure that the predicted long-term properties are indeed correct..

Trying to provide guarantees for the function of products, over times they did not even exist on the market, is difficult. Epoxy began to be used more widely in the 60’s, so giving a guarantee longer than today’s year minus 1960 is an even wilder guess. Then there is also the difference between the formulations that were made in the Nordic countries during the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s and those that exist today, in many cases. Many substances have been reclassified and should no longer be used as raw materials from both a work and environmental point of view. Therefore, it is important that formulators try to look into the future and hear what is rumoured in the corridors of decisions in order to be able to choose the best and more future-proof raw materials. At a time when fresh water is becoming a scarce commodity, neither water nor solvent-borne is perhaps what should be used. 100% solid is an argument that may get better hearing in the future. Which also ensures that it turns out as we intended without having to think about ventilation, filters and fresh air.

Our strongest argument is not that we should always sell a product to you, we want your problem to be solved. If it can not be solved with our products, then maybe we can lead you in the right direction. Hopefully we will hear from you again soon when we can help you with something from our range.